Founded in the 50s by Manuel Visa, with a clear evolution and specialization, Ramon Visa, in the second generation, and Manuel and Jordi Visa, in the third, make the company Visa Fruits a leader in the handling, storage and marketing of fruit.

SAT Pladgol, the Agrarian Transformation Society, created in 1996 by a large group of producers in Catalonia, especially in Lleida and Tarragona, is in constant activity in the development of their products in order to serve the needs of consumers, always increasing the quality and quantity so as to profit from the philosofy of the offer as a whole.

SAT Pladgol has been located in the Visa Fruits facility since its inception to take advantage of all the resources. Our team manages the cold storage for the regulation of the sale in different various national and European markets, as well as its subsequent marketing.

The rigorous control of the source, harvest, traceability, cold storage and the entire current infrastructure allows us to offer our customers a quality product with personalized, consistent, and effective service.

CENTRAL: C/ Carretera, 47 · 25241 GOLMÉS (Lleida)  · Tel. 973 60 00 87 · Fax 973 60 38 44
MERCABARNA: D - 4022 al 4025/4028 al 4031· 08040 BARCELONA · Tel. 93 335 46 42 · Fax 93 335 42 02


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