At Visa Fruits, our sixty-plus-year trajectory as a leader in fruit handling, conservation and sales has allowed us to acquire the necessary experience to guarantee our customers products of maximum quality, anywhere and in record time.

Today, at Visa Fruits we work with well-known shipping lines from both the domestic and international sphere. We offer the best fruit and vegetable selection and transport service to any port in Spain, Portugal and southern France, adapting ourselves to each customer’s requirements.

Deliveries are completed in a maximum period of 72 hours by road, with refrigeration systems which maintain product freshness and quality until the very end.

At our headquarters in Barcelona, just a few minutes from the port, our expert administrative, product-selection, assembly and transport team will accompany the customer in all phases: pre-sale, sale and post-sale.  



CENTRAL: C/ Carretera, 47 · 25241 GOLMÉS (Lleida)  · Tel. 973 60 00 87 · Fax 973 60 38 44
MERCABARNA: D - 4022 al 4025/4028 al 4031· 08040 BARCELONA · Tel. 93 335 46 42 · Fax 93 335 42 02


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